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The UNT Dallas Counseling & Wellness Center is committed to helping students enhance and maintain mental and physical health during their educational career.


To support and educate UNT Dallas students through engagement in individual and group counseling, case management services, and wellness programs.


What is Counseling?

Counseling is a process whereby those struggling with some aspect of life enter into a therapeutic relationship with a trained mental health professional in order to gain insight and make changes in life. The process may involve exploring thoughts, perceptions, reactions, behaviors, and emotions in order to better understand oneself. Counseling can assist in reducing feelings of stress and improve the ability to engage in healthy decision-making, and enhance relationships with others. 

The Counseling & Wellness Center is available to students who struggle with such issues as relationships, grief & loss, depression, anxiety, resentment, major changes in life, anger, and many other emotionally difficult situations.

Counseling and case management services are scheduled by appointment only. To receive counseling or case management services students must complete and return a request for services form. Forms are located on the UNT Dallas website under the Counseling and Wellness webpage found at  Students can also pick up a form from one of the Counseling & Wellness Center staff. All forms can be returned to the Counseling & Wellness Center or student worker in Student Affairs.

Contact Us:

(972) 338-1816

Located in the Student Center, Suite 1085

Counseling and Wellness Document Downloads

Request for Counseling Services
Intake Information Form
Consent for Counseling Services

Scope of Care

Our purpose is not to provide long-term or intensive treatment for chronic or severe mental illness or mental health problems. The Counseling & Wellness Center reserves the right to determine if we have adequate resources and expertise to address your particular treatment needs. If your needs cannot be met by the Counseling & Wellness Center, we will work with you to secure an appropriate referral.  


Confidentiality & Eligibility


The Counseling & Wellness Center at UNT Dallas places a high priority on privacy and confidentiality. All Communications between a student and counselor, including the decision to seek counseling, are confidential to the full extent provided by law and are not released outside the Counseling & Wellness Center with a voluntarily signed consent. 


Counseling services are available to all currently enrolled UNT Dallas students. Students are eligible for 6 sessions per academic year at no additional cost. 

Wellness Programming

Wellness Programs:

  • QPR Training (Suicide Awareness & Prevention)
  • SafeZone Training (LGBTQ+)
  • Eating Disorders Awareness 
  • Alcohol & Drug Awareness
  • Domestic Violence Awareness
  • Blood Drives
  • Flu Shots
  • STD & HIV Screenings
  • Wellness Walks (in partnership with Million Mile Month)
  • Walk Like MADD
  • Mindfulness Hour
  • Massages
  • Monthly Tabling Events

October Events Calendar: 

Student Health Insurance

Sign up now for your UNT Dallas Student Health Insurance through United Healthcare!  
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Resources for Students


FREE Online Screening Program for: Depression, Bipolar Illness, General Anxiety, Alcohol/Drug Use, and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Substance Abuse Resources

What is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Stress Management/MindfulnessTechniques

The College Student's Guide to Stress Management:

Alcohol Addiction: Effects, Mental Health, and Relapse Prevention

Apps to help!

Student Mental Health Series

Facts about the Crisis:
Learning to Cope:
Maintaining Physical and Mental Health:

Resources in Dallas/Fort Worth Area

National Alliance on Mental Health/Dallas
2812 Swiss Ave Dallas, Texas 75204
(214) 341-7133

North Texas Behavioral Health Authority
South Dallas after-hours clinic is located at 4333 Gannon Lane, Suite 101, Dallas, TX 75237
Hours: M-F 4pm to 10pm and Sundays 2pm to 7pm
Phone: 972-283-9090

Dallas Metro Care

Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center

Dallas Behavioral Healthcare Hospital

Alcoholics Anonyomous/Narcotics Anonymous Resources


Alcohol-Wise is a nationally recognized alcohol education and prevention program utilized by more than 500 colleges and universities that explores:

  • Unrealistic student perceptions about the effects of alcohol
  • Personal choices about alcohol consumption and the impact on student success
  • Building a healthier UNT Dallas Community
  • Making informed decisions to promote personal health and wellness


How does this program help UNT Dallas students?

  • Students can access tools and resources to be proactive in the prevention of reaching limits and potential destructive behavior.
  • Exploration of program, tools, and resources builds knowledge about alcohol and the potential for alcohol poisoning.