Disability Services


The Office of Disability Services at the University of North Texas at Dallas seeks to empower students to manage challenges and limitations imposed by disabilities. Our services aim to provide students with exceptional services as they transition to college or continue their studies. The office serves students with learning, physical, health, or psychiatric disabilities in managing the varying demands of the University experience.  In addition to serving students, we assist the University community in making programs, services, and activities accessible for everyone.

The core functions of the Disability Services Office are put in place accommodations which are deemed appropriate in adherence with Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act and the American with Disabilities Amendments Act of 2008 (ADAA), provision of reasonable accommodations, act as a consultant, and educate the UNT Dallas community. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Disability Services at 972-338-1777 or by email at untddisability@untdallas.edu.



Disability Documentation Guidelines & Forms

In order to receive accommodation, students must provide documentation of disability from an appropriate professional and register with Disability Services. The following is a list of the basic requirements specific to each disability. Students who are interested in obtaining accommodations should contact the office for specific documentation needs and the registration forms.

It is helpful if the diagnosing professional for all disabilities suggests appropriate accommodations within an academic setting. The intent of the office is not to exclude students from the use of services, but to ensure that those with  disabilities who have current functional limitations receive appropriate services. 504 plans and IEPs alone are not acceptable documentation and must be accompanied by supporting documentation. If you are also receiving services thru Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (Division for Rehabilitation Services or Division for Blind Services), please inform the Coordinator when requesting accommodations. 

Please review the list of disabilities below to determine the type of documentation that is required.

  • Attention Deficit Disorder: A copy of a diagnostic report within the last three years which states the DSM diagnosis, symptoms, and functional limitations;instruments and procedures used to make the diagnosis; and the dosage, type, and frequency of medication.
  • Learning Disability: A copy of a comprehensive psycho-educational test battery administered within the last three years, with a statement of diagnosis, academic limitations, resulting from the disability, and type of learning disability ( all test scores must include subtest scores); a copy of a recent IEP and Multi factored Evaluation, if available.
  • Psychiatric Disability: A DSM diagnosis from a psychologist or psychiatrist stating diagnosis, characteristics of the disability, functional limitations, projected duration, and medication.
  • Medical Disability/Chronic Illness: Statement of diagnosis, functional limitations, impact of the disability in an academic setting, and medication, including side effects.
  • Mobility Impairment: Diagnosis of the mobility impairment and a statement of the functional limitations, medications, dosages, and side effects.
  • Visual Impairment: A copy of your most recent eye exam, including diagnosis, visual acuity, and functional limitations; a copy of a recent Individualized Education Plan (IEP), if available 
  • Deaf or Hearing Impairment: A copy of your most recent audiological examination, including diagnosis with etiology, degree, type functional limitations, and configuration of loss; a copy of a recent IEP, if available.

Once the Request for Services form and documentation is received, it is reviewed by the staff to ensure it meets the guidelines for documentation. Students will be notified by the Disability Services Coordinator regarding eligibility status. If eligible, the student will be directed to schedule an intake appointment with the Coordinator. If more diagnostic information is needed, the student will be contacted to discuss what information is needed to complete the eligibility requirements.

Please see the listed forms on right to determine which forms need to be completed by a physician. Contact the Office of Disability Services at 972.338.1777 if you have any questions about which form(s) you need to complete to request accommodations.