Registered/Returning Students

If you are a current student at the University but not yet registered with the Office of Disability Services, please find out more information on our Prospective Students page.

Accommodation Process

UNT Dallas Semester Request for Accommodations

This Semester Request application is to renew accommodations previously approved at UNT Dallas or UNT Dallas College of Law and must be completed for each semester in which a student seeks to use approved accommodations. Please submit your request to renew your accommodations for the summer, please use the following link:  Accommodate Link .  If you are requesting the same accommodations that you received previously, click on semester request. However, if you are requesting new accommodations, click on supplemantal request.  

Remember: Accommodations are not retroactive and requests may take time to process once all documentation is received.  Please see UNT Dallas Policy 16.004 for further information UNT Dallas Disability Policy .

Test Proctoring

Tests on the UNT Dallas main campus are proctored Monday through Thursday  from 8:30am until 7:00pm.  If you need to take a test outside of those hours, you may need to take the test with your professor.  Extended hours are available during finals and in some special circumstances.  Requests for testing in the Office of Disability Services will be done through Accommodate.  Please submit your request as soon as you are aware of the text.    As a student, it is your responsibility to talk to your professor about taking tests/exams at Office of Disability Services before scheduling the test/exam.  Tests cannot be scheduled at a different time than the class is taking it without your professor's consent.  It is the student's responsibility to get this consent.  If you need to change your appointment, check with Office of Disability Services (ODS) for availability and then contact your professor. If you have testing needs that aren't addressed in the request, please communicate with ODS by email at  Space is limited but we can accommodate with advance notice, so schedule as soon as possible. Questions? Comments? Concerns?

As we migrate to the Accommodate system, students will submit their alternative test requests through the system. Until that phase is complete, students will need to provide their instructor with the Alternative Testing Form The Professor will complete the form and  send the test to the following email:  

Please submit your request for alternative testing as soon as you are aware of the test. Notify the instructor that you will be taking your test in ODS.  

Accessibility Support

Please contact the Office of Disability Services if there is an area on UNT Dallas campus that makes it very difficult, or impossible, for you to reach your destination (such as a walkway through campus, entrance/exit area of a building, or elevator in a hallway) and there is no alternative route you can take, then we want to know.