Student Government Association

Student Government Association is the official voice of the student body. As an organization, we are here to make the student voice heard. With the combined effort of the students, administration, and our Executive Board, we work to vocalize the concerns of the students in our university community. As the official representation of the student body, we work constantly to improve the collegiate experience.

Students who get involved with SGA they are given opportunities to develop leadership skills that will help them in the coming years. You should always feel welcome to hang out in the SGA Office located in the Student Center, Room 2101.  If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please email them to  

This year's members include:

Executive Board

Position Name Email Major/Class Bio


Karyzma Torres Political Science, Senior A Dallas native, Karyzma couldn’t be more proud to be at the the only public, accredited 4-year university in the City of Dallas. This is Karyzma’s third year at UNT Dallas and has lived on campus for all three years and projects to graduate in Spring of 2021. Karyzma majoring in Political Science, and plan to attend law school after receiving her Bachelors Degree. The Student Government Association plays a strong part in her life as she learns and prepares to take on the field of legal field. Karyzma’s goal in this association is to successfully tend to students' needs and contribute to the surrounding community, while building bonds within the organization, university, and community! She credits her interest in civic engagement and leadership to her greatest public role model, Michelle Obama.
Vice President Desmond Burton Psychology, Junior Desmond is a retired noncommissioned officer from the United States Army. He is currently studying to be a psychologist, in hopes of being able to reach back to the Veteran community and be the Psychologist they deserve. In his spare time, Desmond enjoys playing with his dog, being on campus, playing video games, etc. His projected graduation date is 2021 and his future plan is to attend graduate school for psychology. If he had the opportunity to change the city one thing he would do is get multiple large plots of land and build fully functioning tiny houses for the homeless. He would have picket fencing with someone at the entrance logging who comes and goes, with the hopes of showing that they are trying to improve their situation. “Vets would have first dibs.”
Speaker of the Senate & Senator of Liberal Arts & Sciences Taylor Gaines Political Science, Sophomore Taylor Gaines is from Memphis, Tennessee and this is her second year attending the UNTD community officially as a sophomore . She aspires to become a political analyst and give knowledge to those who are not as fortunate as others in the political world. She has been the Senator of Liberal Arts and Sciences since the Spring of 2020 and was also granted the opportunity to be inducted into the National Society for Leadership & Success.

Alexandra Renteria-Maldonado Political Science, Junior As a first- generation college student, Alexandra finds her passion connecting to other students facing the same setbacks as herself in their academic careers and personal lives. Having previously served on the SGA board at her previous community college, Alexandra hopes to continue her involvement within the SGA organization to increase the open dialogue between the student body and the senate by voicing student concerns and initiatives. Outside of UNT Dallas, Alexandra loves to spend time with her two dogs and loved ones. She aspires to attend law school after completing her bachelor’s Arts in Political Science at UNT Dallas in 2021.

Public Relations Officer
Denise Austin  Organizational Behavior and 
Human Resources Management, Senior 
Balancing life and work can seem hard, but Denise makes it look so easy. As a mother, wife, full time student and employee, she takes pride in prioritizing and multitasking. Denise is truly grateful for every opportunity to work towards the goal of being a human resources specialist. With a compassion and love for people, especially ones without a voice and is in need, she takes interest in bringing a comfort to everyone while helping to reach their potential goals. The excitement of being a part of SGA at University of North Texas at Dallas is beyond a pleasure for her. Contributing to the growth of UNTD by putting students first, is one of her ultimate goals. Denise loves interacting and creating bonds with her fellow classmates, faculty, and her Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters. As she continues her journey at UNTD, she looks forward to completing her studies towards her BBA in the fall of 2020.

School of Business 

Dominic Bechler   Dominic is currently a Senior majoring in Business Analytics. He lives with his family in Wylie and he aspires to be a successful business analyst and hopefully the Vice President someday. He has held multiple leadership roles throughout high school and in SGA at UNT Dallas and as a Trailblazer Elite. He has served as the SGA records officer for 1 semester, and a Senator of Business.  His goal is tol provide continued transparency as well quick reaction to student comments/concerns.
School of Business Open      

School of Education
Edwin Villatoro Education 
4th-8th Social Studies & ESL, Junior 
A native Salvadorioan, Edwin is excited to embark on his jounrey as an Education major here at UNT Dallas. His dream is to teach and empower the younger generations on the Spanish language. As a senator, Edwin hopes to be a voice for the student body and the School of Education. When not busy with school, Edwin devotes his time to raising his son, who will one day follow in his footsteps of serving his community. Edwin is grateful for the guidance his parents have provided through his educational endeavors. As a former ESL student, Edwin consider himself a strong supporter of those beginning their journey in their English acquisition. When not in our school colors, you will be sure to find Edwin wearing his Blue & White for El Salvador’s national soccer team, -La Selecta Cuscatleca!
School of Education Llayra Lechuga Gutierrez Education, Senior Bio Coming Soon!
School of Human Services Open      

School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Cindy Beltran Political Science, Junior I am a 1st generation college student and I've put myself through school since graduating high school. It isn’t easy to both work full time and go to school full time, but I've had to manage and make it work. The previous year was tough trying to balance it all, but I am excited to have more time to dedicate to school this semester. I aspire to attend law school when I graduate because I would like to become an immigration lawyer and eventually move into politics in order to effect positive change. In the last few years joining student organizations wasn’t possible for me due to my job, but in high school I served as chapter president for the student organization DECA for 2 years and represented my school’s business pathway and club on the student leadership team for the school district.

School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Jolade Kilani Biology, Sophomore I am a Nigerian born into a polygamous family that is relatively large and sanguine. As my mother's first daughter, I was introduced to leadership and responsibility at a very early stage in life and my upbringing has trained me to be resilient, compassionate and disciplined. My goal is to become a dermatologist. So that I can help people understand how to carefully take care of their skin and reduce the rate at which they ignorantly damage their skin through the procurement and usage and highly synthetic products. While I was at St. Paul College in Minnesota, I became the pioneer president of the Student Science Association. This exposed me to different volunteer programs and further developed my human relation techniques like collaboration, administration, mediation and teamwork. Finally, I believe that cooperation, unity and selflessness are the keys to any organization's progress. Until we all unite in purpose, vision and mission; we can only have an association divided into factions and 'a house divided against itself can never stand.