Student Organization Registration & Renewal

To register a new student organization OR complete the registration renewal process for existing organizations, student organization leaders must submit all required documents and complete the process outline below. 

Steps to Student Organization Registration 

  1. Register Complete the Student Organization Registration Renewal Form at this link: 
    • Upload these documents:
      • Constitution
      • Membership Roster
        • Must have 4 members
        • Must list Officers and their contact information. Required officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary
      • Risk Management Policy
      • Templates can be found here:
  2. Select a full-time faculty or staff member to serve as the student organization's advisor. Advisors must complete the Advisor Agreement:
  3. Complete Student Organization Orientation & Risk Management Training. 
    1. All student organization Presidents and Advisors MUST attend Student Organization Orientation mandated by the state of Texas.
    2. It provides training student organization leaders that assists with officer transition, education on university policies and procedures, provides resources for enhancing leadership skills, and builds community between student organizations.
    3. Usually takes place in the spring semester.


If you have any questions throughout the registration renewal process, please contact us at