UNT Dallas Fitness Center

Fitness Center Information

The UNT Dallas Fitness Center is located in the Student Center on the lower level in SC 0028, directly next door to the Student Health Clinic.  You must be a current member of the University community and have a University ID to use the facility. If your ID does not allow you access, please see IT, located in SC 1022, to have your ID coded for access.  Faculty and Staff can use the facility at a reduced rate.  The rates are as follows:

Annual: $100 (Fall, Spring, & Summer)
Semester: $50 per semester for Fall & Spring
Summer: $25

Recognized University Community Member (i.e. ECHS, ECI)
Annual: $150
Semester: $100

Please pay using the link above.  

Fitness Center Guidelines

  • All currently enrolled students are eligible to use the facilities during operating hours, which align with the Student Center hours. Only students are allowed, as guests are not permitted.

  • All users must have a current UNT Dallas ID card to access the fitness center.

  • Patrons MUST clean equipment before and after each use. Spray, let sit for 30 seconds, and wipe off. Dispose of towels after each use in bins provided.

  • Closed-toed athletic shoes are required.

  • A top/shirt must be worn in the Fitness Center at all times.

  • Spotters are recommended when lifting weights.

  • Patrons are required to rack weights and dumbbells when finished and return them to their proper location.

  • Do not drop weights or dumbbells.

  • Exercises that cannot be performed in a safe and proper manner or may pose a risk to others are prohibited.

  • Equipment must remain in designated areas within the Fitness Center.

  • Keep walkways clear. Users must move any item obstructing walkways and/or equipment.

  • Drinks must be kept in a sealed container. Food and glass containers are not allowed.

  • Music played through open speakers, including headphones, is not permitted in the Fitness Center.

  • If you do not have access to the Fitness Center with your University ID Badge, please see IT to have your badge coded appropriately.