WellConnect: Become a Better You

Intro to WellConnect

You don’t have to handle everything on your own.

Let’s be real: life can be tough. When your responsibilities start to feel overwhelming
and it’s hard to make it through the day with a smile on your face, it’s important to reach
out for help. You can lean on your free and confidential WellConnect well-being program
for support.

A free benefit from UNT Dallas, WellConnect can help you or anyone in your household:
• Balance school, home and life
• Receive support when you don’t feel like yourself
• Get help with responsibilities that are distracting or stressful
• Grow personal, academic and career skills
• Be a caring, loving friend and family member
• Receive care after a traumatic event or diagnosis
• Make healthy lifestyle choices
• Improve and inspire daily life

Life happens, regardless of the day or time. That’s why we make ourselves available
24/7, even on holidays. So whenever you need to reach out, we’re here for you.

Support Line - Call Anytime: 866-640-4777

Mobile App: GetWellConnectEd

Web: WellConnectForYou.com

WellConnect Faculty/Staff Overview

As a faculty or staff member at UNT Dallas, you want to be a helpful outlet for students who are
struggling. However, there may be times when you’re unsure how to appropriately
support them. In those instances, reach out to WellConnect.
Supporting you in tough situations
You have unlimited access to confidential consultations on any student problem or
concern. The Faculty/Administrator Support Team (FAST) line is a 24/7 dedicated number
staffed by licensed professionals who are equipped to provide consultation and response
for a variety of situations:
• Concern for a student that may have thoughts of harming themselves or others
• Students having inappropriate communications with faculty or peers
• Managing a disruptive student
• Providing support to students with declining behavior, performance or grades with a
formal referral process
• Helping students cope with the death of a fellow student or campus violence incident

How to Help:

FAST Line: 844-208-7070

Web: WellConnectForYou.com (for your faculty code, contact Counseling.Wellness@untdallas.edu)